Standard Chartered

Money laundering enables poaching. And 30,000 elephants a year pay the price.

Criminal syndicates kill an elephant every 25 minutes for its tusks. Then they abuse the financial system to legitimise the proceeds. SC is working with partners to fight the money laundering that fuels the illegal wildlife trade.

This campaign focused at promoting the work that SC do to fight financial crime that has a direct impact on wildlife. By taking a number of measures, and collaborating with partners in problematic countries, the bank can help prevent wildlife trafficking by targeting the heart of the industry: the money.

On this project, I honored to work and collaborate with war photographer Kate Brooks, that recently launched a documentary in which she follows conservationists, scientists and activists battling poachers and criminal networks to protect elephants.

The campaign was roled out globally with emphasis on SC's main markets in Asia, Africa and Middle East; and in different channels such as digital, social, OOH.

Thrilled to work along the fantastic team at TBWA Singapore, SixToes and Revolver. Thanks to: Eve Aw, Hagan De Villiers, Perry Essig, Gary Steele, Laurent Pastorelli, Robin Nayak, Michele Bouquet, Cat Reynolds, Haydn Evans, Melissa Hill, Andy Norris, Rachael Wong, Melissa Tam, Janice Tay, Gilda Orru, Alice Farebrother, Jamal Paiman, Lawrence Hu, Jaron Ngoh, Elliot Davis, Valery Seng, Monta Neinberga, Deena Kamisan, Kat Toh, Mark Doney, Winnie Choo, Grace Ng, Danial Khalis, Widad Ismail, Danial Hakim, Akanksha Nair, Leigh Arbon, Mathilde Blethon. No particular order, please!

Client: Standard Chartered
Agency: TBWA Singapore
My Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design