Pacsafe is a brand that provides security travel products. They design and manufacture high quality travel gear, that prevent theft and protect travelers' possessions and valuables.

The project aimed at creating a unique shopping experience that reflects Pacsafe's revolutionary approach. 

Redefined experience

The main goal was to create and propose a new online shopping and content experience, developing all page designs, following and applying Pacsafe's new brand position. The whole process took in consideration technical aspects such as ecommerce platform (Salesforce Commerce Cloud, formerly Demandware), audience and content strategy.

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About The Project

The project was based on basic design principles, focus on user needs, simple and elegant task flows, clear and beautiful interfaces, always with the user contenxt in mind, and not devices.

A redefined consumer journey to purchase was thought with special attention to provide content and product stories along with the best shopping experience. Aligning Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) with marketing tools, it offered news capabilities to Pacsafe's team to develop the brand further.

Beyond Shopping

Pacsafe wanted to focus on content, bringing travel stories, products insights and seasonal product launches to the user in a compelling way. The website offered editorial space integrated to the shopping experience.

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Client: Pacsafe
My Role: Creative concept, UX, UI, Art Direction, Design